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Thu, 10/27/2011 - 10:26AM by Sarah Rostar 0 Comments -


mark. Please Hold Eye Primer ~ Review

Tue, 10/25/2011 - 9:48PM by Sarah Rostar 0 Comments -

Today's review is of the mark. Please Hold Eye Primer. When I first discovered this product I was excited about it because it is advertised as a two in one as both an eye primer and to reduce dark circles and puffiness. Who doesn't want a product that can do double duty! Unfortunately, I was not impressed with the product at all when I first started playing with it. This was back in July so the weather was hot and humid and no friend to eye shadow wearing girls like myself. I was really hoping that this product would be able to answer my prayers of keeping my eyeshadow in place for more than an hour. While the mark. Please Hold Eye Primer did add some life time to my eyeshadow it was still only a few hours, and I was once again a victim of creasing eye shadow.

As for the dark circles part of the deal I had no luck. Now, I personally have some very dark circles so getting rid of them is not an easy thing to accomplish. The formula is rather thin so I had to layer it to hid any under-eye shadows, and by the time I was done I could see creasing from the product build up.

Now with all of that being said I did use the mark. Please Hold Eye Primer yesterday and I got about 7- 8 hours out of the eye primer for my eye shadow (I used other product for my under-eye area). It is October and there is no fear of melting makeup or high humidity. The picture below shows what my eyes looked like right after I applied my eye makeup and then after 8 hours of wearing my eye shadow. The base color is Greenery from the mark. Super Flip Color Kit  and the outer corner is a deep blue called Insider from Lorac.




After about 8 hours

As you can see the eye shadow is all caked into the crease and you can see the veins in my eyes. The only thing I did was laundry and I went to an appointment so the eye primer was not stressed. Now if you look on the comments at the mark. website you will see girls are having really good luck with this product and use it as both an eye primer and under-eye concealer. But for me this product just did not make the cut.





Fashion Friday ~ mark.

Fri, 10/07/2011 - 6:44PM by Sarah Rostar 0 Comments -




I am sure many of you know of mark. as a company that sells cosmetics but did you know they also sell fashion! I personally did not know that they sold clothing and jewelry until I became a mark. representative. My first purchse from mark. that was not a cosmetic was the Glammed Up Ring. I love this ring, it is my go to ring for whenever I go out, it dresses up any outfit real quick. But the real reason I am here talking about mark. this Fashion Friday is because I recently ordered some new fashion items from mark. and I love the sweater that I got so much that I had to tell you guys about it.





mark. Glammed Up Ring

mark. Chic and Cozy Sweatshirt

Now the huge bummer about this sweatshirt is that it is in their last chance category, so whatever inventory they have right now is all there is. Once they sell out they are not getting anymore. And the last that I checked they only had SM and XL. So sorry about the late notice on this super comfy sweater I would have shared it with you sooner if I would have known! Just looking at this you can already tell that it would be a nice lounge sweater, at least that is what I thought when I saw it. But when it showed up and I put it on I was plesantly surprised at how long it was. It is long enough to be able to use it as a tunic. I actually just wore this last night with a pair of my fleece lined leggings to bed and it was so warm and comfy. The awesome thing about it is that I could also wear this with jeans and a scarf for a casual day out. Just pull it up a little so that the hem hits at my waist, giving me a loose and casual fit. Or I could put on a pair of my favorite skinny jeans with a chunky necklace and some fancy earring. I wish that they sold this in more colors because I would get one in every color. This is my new favorite in my closet!

The next item that I am super happy and excited about is this gorgeous hair pin! This photo really doesn't show off how pretty it really is. I was hesitant about getting it but then another rep had one and when I saw it in my hands I knew that I was going to get one. And now that I have the one I am going to be getting two! The awesome thing about this is that the pin is really strong, stronget than your ordinary goody hairpin. And it is not as heavy as I was expecting it to be either. Meaning this bad boy is going to stay in your hair, or on your scarf or dress or anywhere that you can think of to put it. I am going out with some girlfriends tonight and I am going to be butting it on my dress to add a little bit of glam.

mark. Tres Your Best Hair Pin


Some of My Other mark. Favorites

mark. Totally Suitable Blazer

This Blazer is super chic and can be worn dressed up or

dressed down with a pair of jean and a t-shirt.

mark. Short Story Shorts

I just love these. They are super sexy with a pair of tights.















mark. Cuffed Bracelet

This bracelet looks awesome on it's own in either color or you

can get two and stack them together. And an added bonus.......

they are magnetic so you dont have to go crazy trying to get them on!



mark. Multi Faceted Necklace

Chunky necklaces like this can pretty much go with anything. And these colors go with anything. So I guess I am trying to say they are perfect for anything.













My Huge Fan Experience!!

Fri, 10/07/2011 - 1:15PM by Sarah Rostar 0 Comments -

So it has been a little over two months since I was contacted by PopSugar to do an interview about Taylor Lautner. Then SURPRISE! They tell me that I am the I'M A HUGE FAN: TAYLOR LAUTNER contest winner! First thoughts I had were "Seriously! Like are you sure!" So a friend and I got to fly out to California and hang out with PopSugar for three days doing all sorts of cool things, then to top it off I get to interview Taylor Lautner! Holy freaking crap this is amazing! Even now thinking back on the experience it makes me smile. It was such an amazing experience, and I want to share it with all of you!

Day 1:

Keisha and I get up crazy early in the morning so that we can catch our flight out of Grand Rapids and into San Diego, California. It was crazy to show up at the airport enter a confirmation number and have our tickets waiting for us! The plan was to sleep a little bit on the way there but the nerves and excitement was way too high for us to do anything but be giddy school girls. Once we finally arrived in San Diego and we were getting off the plane I had a crazy swarm of butterflies in the pit of my stomach. I new that once we got to luggage there was going to be a driver and camera crew waiting for us! Yes, this entire trip is recorded! Before we took the final walk to luggage we stopped at the bathrooms and touched up our makeup, making sure we look fabulous for our reality TV debut. haha.

We get to luggage claim and sure enough there is a driver holding a sign with my name on it. I felt like I was in a movie. Here was a man holding a sign with my name along with two guys armed with camera's. Everyone there was wondering who "Sarah Rostar" was. Haha. Ok maybe not but it felt like it. Once I got my luggage we met up with the driver and film crew. From the moment we introduced ourselves until we got to the car we were on camera. It was weird, but so awesome at the same time. Some people starred wondering what was going on while others I am sure are used to it, I mean it is California, stuff like this happens all the time right? It was really awkward at first but by the end of the day it was not that big a deal having a camera there all the time. The camera guys were really cool so it made it less weird and pressure filled.

Keisha and I in the car on our way to our hotel!

The first stop was our hotel so that we could drop our stuff off and take a breather. It was not long after getting to the hotel that we were on our way out again and headed to a secret location. See the great suspense part about this whole experience is that they don't tell you a darn thing, they just tell you when to be ready. Which adds to the whole experience. I am not one to just completely let someone else take control of my life for three days so it was a new experience to just sit back and enjoy the ride. And I did just that. I am a California girl, I was born there and lived there until I was about 6. I used to go back and visit family but, I had not been back to California in about 10 years so it was amazing to be back. Seeing and being in Cali made me realize how much I really do miss it. As for Keisha this was the first time she had been to California so we were enjoying the very big change of scenery compared to Michigan.

This was outside our hotel. It was so amazing outside, the weather was perfect.

Back home they were getting 95+ degrees so we were loving the perfect 75 degrees.

Back in the car on our way to our first surprise destination!

It was so crazy to be back in California, I would see things that would remind of my childhood. Like the palm trees. I have so many memories of playing with my cousins. And the crazy closeness of all the houses, and the red clay looking roofs. They are everywhere. I remembered them on all the houses but never realized that nearly every single building has them. The buildings are different from those in Michigan too. We saw some banks that looked like 5 star hotels. Everything was so fancy. I sound like such a northern girl but I suppose that is what I am now. Even though I am so NOT a winter kind of girl. Anyways, once we got to our surprise destination, which was the ocean, Keisha and I got to sit and take it all in. Keisha got to see her first "live surfer" as she put it. haha. The ocean was gorgeous! And the smell, the ocean has such a unique scent. I was taken back to memories of family time at the beach. I got my butt kicked a lot by the waves when I was a kid but it was fun to go boogie boarding. The only time we get waves in Michigan is if a boat drives by or there is a storm, which in that case you don't want to be at the beach anyways.











Not long after we arrived we were surprised by the wonderful Allison, you might know her from all her FabSugar videos. Then we all went down to the beach to take a walk and talk about the next couple days, the interview, and the fact that PopSugar was counting on me for this interview. So no pressure or anything. haha. It was amazing to be down at the ocean. Goodness, I miss California. However, I do enjoy the more slow paced and relaxing atmosphere of Michigan. Everything moves so quickly in California.

After the beach trip we all went back to the hotel where I was able to talk to my babies. I got to Skype my 3 girls and tell them about my first day. Of course the only thing that they really wanted to know about was whether or not I had seen Taylor yet. Silly girls.


Day 2:

Keisha and I got up early and we were getting ready when we got a knock at the door. Miss Allison was there to take us to our first stop for the day, a little boutique called The Back Room. It was perfect because one of the biggest things that Keisha wanted to do while we were in California was stop somewhere so that she could do some baby shopping. Well, the front part of The Back Room happens to be a baby section. Filled with some of the cutest clothes. The store owner, Staci Wax,  was telling us how they actually started off as a baby store, but decided to add women's fashion to the back area of the store hence the name The Back Room. I guess one of the Kardashian sisters was actually in there the day before, so it is a hit mark for celebs. Shortly after arriving I was sent across the street to a coffee shop to sip on some yumminess while Allison picked out some outfits for me. I felt so lucky to have Allison picking out all the fashions because fashion is what Allison does. So if anyone was going to be able to pick out some chic clothes it was Allison.

Once everything was set up I got to try on all the fabulous outfits. We did not have enough time for me to try on everything, so I had to pick my top picks and go from there. I actually realy really liked this one tealish green top and white skinny jeans, but the top had some metal pieces sewn to the front. Which was amazing and looked awesome, but not so good when you are going to be miced up and giving an interview. We were worried that it might get noisy in the mic, so it was a pass. That is how I came to the dress that I picked out (you can see it in Episode 3). I love the texture of the top half.

Keisha, Allison, Me, Staci Wax

After we got my interview dress we were all off to our next destination. Which was a surprise again, I had no idea what we were doing. They actually told me that we were going to my makeover, but they are tricky because that is not where we went at all. Come to find out we were at a Kung Fu school called White Dragon. I got to take a Kung Fu class and learn a very tiny bit about what it is Taylor does. Taylor was discovered through his skills as a martial artist so it was fitting to be taking a class such as this. I had so much fun! I got to learn how to block an attack, how to punch and kick and a really cool disarming move. The disarming series was my favorite. The whole experience was a ton of fun. I did not hold back. I even got a nice bruise on my arm to prove it.














After having an awesome time with my Kung Fu class we were on our way again to the next stop. This time I really was getting my makeover. Keisha and I found our selves at The Jet Ryhs hair salon. Everyone there was awesome and did an amazing job. It had been forever since I had gotten any highlights in my hair and I was in need of a trim to shape up my hair. I also got this amazing hair treatment that they did that made my hair so incredibly soft and shiny, my hair looked amazing. The hair that you see with me doing my PopSugar Rush episode is fresh from the salon and looks awesome.


Now that I have mentioned my PopSugar Rush I can tell you that is where I was whisked off to next. Keisha and I were brought to downtown San Diego out in front of the convention center. I have always wanted to go to Comic Con and now I was standing out in front of it. It was awesome!

Once we got out in front of the convention center Allison tells me that I am going to have to interview people to figure out the 5 best facts about Taylor Lautner. Ummmmm what? Yeah I was terrified of this challenge. I am not really one who just trys to stop people and ask them a question. I am just not that extroverted. Allison was awesome at helping me though, she gave me some tips on how to try and get people to stop without tackling them in the street. After the first few rejections and then getting someone willing to go on camera it was not all that bad. I started to get into the groove of things and just let loose. It was really fun. Then I got the surprise that I was actually going to be able to go into Comic Con and interview people. Yeah, the husband is very jealous about this. He very much wanted to go to Comic Con. It was so cool inside. There is SOOO much going on in there, you could get lost in the place for an entire day. Hopefully I will get to go back one day and experience the Comic Con experience and explore.

After my little PopSugar Rush episode Keisha and I went back to our hotel. I was trying to sleep but I was so nervous and excited about the next morning that I couldn't help but think about the fact that I was going to be interviewing Taylor Lautner. I was thinking about all the ways that I could just totally make a fool of myself, but eventually sleep took over and before I knew it I was waking up and hours away from meeting Taylor!


Today is the day that I am set to meet and interview Taylor Lautner. Seriously! How is it that I am doing this? How am I going to be able to keep my cool and ask the questions that I need to ask without my voice cracking? I am starting to get a little bit nervous at this point. But the makeup artist that came to my hotel room kept me busy. I was watching everything that she was doing. Since I want to be a makeup artist myself it was really cool to see her work. This was also the first time I have ever had airbrushed makeup applied, or even seen it in action. Once I was all done it was time for hair. Which if I had known that we were going to run out of time to actually do my hair I never would have showered and would have had my amazing hair from the day before from when I went to the Jet Ryhs hair salon. That is the only thing that I would have done different, I never would have taken that darn shower.

It was not long before the producer was in the hotel room letting us know that it was time to go. This was it, I was now on my way to do the one thing that I was brought here for. I am now on my way to interview Taylor Lautner! I am super nervous in the car because I was just given my question cards with all the questions that Allison and I had talked about. Only now they were official and on my fancy PopSugar question cards. I was working through them trying to figure out which ones connected and would make a good flow. I spent the entire car ride looking at those questions.

We got to a fancy hotel downtown right next to the Convention center. The same hotel that the Breaking Dawn press conference was going to be held. So I guess this hotel was the place to be since there were a few big names staying at it.  Anyways, we went upstairs to a small little room where the camera crew was working hard to get everything set up.

Everything started to become so real, I was nervous yet surprisingly calm. I mean what I was about to be doing was HUGE! I have always wanted to be able to experience something like this. I am big movie fan, and have a lot of respect for actors. I would love to go to film school and work on the sets of movies such as Abduction. And being there in that room knowing that an actor that has already had so much success was going to be in that room talking to me was just crazy amazing!

Allison ended up taking me out into the hallway and around the corner so that they could get Taylor in the room without me knowing and get him all set up and ready for me to walk in. Then it was all happening, Allison was telling me that it was time and I was walking into the room and sure enough there in front of me is Mr. Taylor Lautner himself! How freaking cool is that!

Honestly, I did not remember much of the interview after it happened. I was still in shock I guess. I could not stop smiling. He was so awesome, and way cool. And once I was sitting down with him and we were talking it was honestly like I was talking to my little brother or an old friend. It was just casual. Sort of like a "Hey, I haven't seen you in a while, what have you been up to?"

After the interview Taylor hung out for a few more minutes to talk, but then he had to go meet up with Rob and Kristen and a few other members from the Twilight family for the big Breaking Dawn press conference. In fact as Keisha and I were leaving the room and going down stairs to the lobby, the conference was starting. It was cool to think of everyone that was in there. I am an even bigger Kristen Stewart fan so it was like the icing on the cake.


Thank you PopSugar for such an amazing experience! And if you are ever in need of anyone to do more interviews I volunteer! I think I may have found a hidden talent that I didn't know I had! haha.













You can go and check out all my episodes at PopSugar and search 'Huge Fan' or click on the three episode links below:

Episode 1: Meet Our Winner and Get Inside Taylor's Action Star World!

Episode 2: Test How Well You Know Taylor!

Episode 3: The Big Interview on Hometown Love, Dream Costars and His Big Action Role





Tue, 09/20/2011 - 7:06PM by Sarah Rostar 0 Comments -

I got my first Birch box in the mail the other day! BIRCHBOX is a company that you can sign up for, either monthly or yearly, and they send you over-sized sample products. I first learned of this site from Cosmopolitan Magazine and it took me forever to actually get to the site to check it out. I am wishing I would have got to it sooner because it is very exciting. You all should head on over to BIRCHBOX and check out the program! On top of getting your samples every month you are able to earn points towards full-sized products by referring friends and review products. Plus the website is full of videos and tutorials on makeup, skin care and hair. I cannot wait to see what products I get next month.

Check out my video to see all the products I got this month and to learn a little more about BIRCHBOX.




Fashion Friday ~ Ruche

Fri, 09/16/2011 - 1:31PM by Sarah Rostar 0 Comments -

Welcome to another Fashion Friday! This week has been full of fashion with Fashion Week going on in New York City! There are a lot of cool styles that are going to be popping up next spring. Very excited.

This week I bring to you a few of my favorites from a little boutique called Ruche. They have some very unique and whimsical items to choose from. Especially in the accessories. There are so many things that I would love to get. Hope you enjoy my picks! Make sure you check them out and see what sort of things you can fall in love with too! They also have a very cool blog full of DIY tutorials and other fun stuff check it out here.


segovia crochet bow wedgesSegovia Crochet Bow Wedges

These wedges are so sweet and innocent looking.

Would be a perfect match for a sweet dress.


Gresham Heights Strapless DressGresham Heights Strapless Dress

I love the simplicity of this dress.

No crazy patterns just a little bit of change in all the right spots.

I think of Taylor Swift when I see this dress. Seems like something she would wear.


Dumonte Crest Asymmetrical Dress in TealDumonte Crest Asymmetrical Dress in Teal

I envision myself wearing this with black leggings, cute bootie heels and

a long sleeve underneath now that cold weather is here.

Love this!


Jackie Dress in Lace Print by Effie's HeartJackie Dress in Lace Print by Effie's Heart

I really like the sweet heart shape with the sheer top and lace border.

This dress would go really good with the Flannel Felt Heels from below!

Flannel Felt HeelsFlannel Felt Heels

Since the heels are made from Flannel Felt they have such a warm look to them.

These Heels and the Jackie Dress from above would make for a very good pair.


Purple Rain NecklacePurple Rain Necklace

I LOVE these colors together!


Winged Glory Earrings in SilverWinged Glory Earrings in Silver

So Elegant. I have really been into these sort of earrings lately.

They make me feel girly, delicate.


Sea of Petals Indie Hair ClipSea of Petals Indie Hair Clip


Arn't they all pretty! I now have another boutique to add to my list of favorites.

Sending you weekend wishes,







Ulta Haul and Upcoming Reviews

Wed, 09/14/2011 - 5:34PM by Sarah Rostar 0 Comments -

I went shopping at Ulta over the weekend! Well actually I went twice, but I got some stuff and I wanted to share it with all of you. I am most excited about the new collection of brushes that I got. I have been needing a new set and it was awesome to get some. I also talk a little bit about some of my upcoming reviews that I will be posting in the near future. If you watch closely you will notice that I mention something about being in California and doing some cool stuff. I got to meet a pretty cool person too. Hopefully I will be able to share all of my adventures with you soon.

Just as a warning the quality of the video is not great. My Canon and my Mac decided that they do not have to talk to each other after the new Lion OS update. So I was forced to use my iSight camera. Booo! But, I did get a new web cam today that does full HD video so all future videos will be much better quality.

Enjoy the new video!

Don't forget to subscribe to my youtube chanell!


Fashion Friday ~ Candy Dots

Fri, 09/09/2011 - 9:37PM by Sarah Rostar 0 Comments -

This week is going to be a quick Fashion Friday, I am crazy busy with putting all the final touches on my Katy Perry outfit. The concert is on Sunday and I am SO STOKED!! I have been working hard all week to recreate the Candy Dot dress from the "California Girls" music video. The picture below is what is should look like once I am done sewing all the little balls on. I am really not positive on how all that is going to go down but I know what I want it to look like. I also have the candy dot shoes! Which I love, and if ever I am able to wear them out some place other than the Katy Perry concert, I would so rock these. I spent hours super gluing on all the candy dots, which are really called candy buttons. I thought they were candy dots but they are in fact candy buttons.

Well, I better get back to finishing this crazy idea up.


Lots of Candy fun and Weekend wishes,


So many ideas so little time

Wed, 09/07/2011 - 9:00AM by Sarah Rostar 0 Comments -

I have had so many ideas pop in to my head over the last few weeks on things to blog about and every time I sit down to do one I am called to do something else. I am still trying to find my happy medium between the family and blogging. I will get there I promise. I am really excited to be playing around with all the makeup and trying new hair styles. I have about 20 different hair styles that I want to try out, which will hopefully lead to a couple of tutorials. I have some informational posts, like how to find your face shape and what hairstyles look best on what face shapes. I also have a couple of reviews that I can now share with you too. I usually try and use a product for at least 3 weeks before I give it a review. That way I have a pretty good idea on what really works and if it has any side effects, like drying out your skin. Of course everyone's skin is different but it is a start.

Anyways, just wanted to get on and say that I am working on some things. I have ideas flowing thorough my head. This week all of my free time has been dedicated to getting my Katy Perry costume finished. I will be seeing her in concert on September 11 and I am recreating her candy dots dress. I am super excited! I LOVE that dress. AND! I am making the shoes! The outfit as a whole will be awesome! At least it is awesome in my head, but that does not always pan out to real life. We shall see. I am hoping to be able to get everything completely done so that I can do it for Fashion Friday this week! If you follow me on twitter or instagram ~ @srostar ~ then you have already seen my first completed shoe. I LOVE it. If I had a reason to wear those anywhere else other than the concert I so would.



Blog to you soon,


Fashion Friday ~ Chicwish Clothing

Tue, 09/06/2011 - 9:16AM by Sarah Rostar 0 Comments -

Hello everyone! It's time for another Fashion Friday and I have a new online Indie Shop, Chicwish,  that I have discovered from another blogger. I love it when I get to browse through little shops like this, gives me a chance to support independent designers. Also they are usually made in small quantities so you know that you are getting something unique.

First up:

Floral Crochet Shorts

I love these shorts! I found some similar to this a while back at a different Indie shop but they were sold out, so it made me happy to see these. I love the high waist and I love how they have this outfit put together. I would wear the look above or with a solid color slouchy tee, something simple but with a little pop of color.



Midnight Sparkle Dress

I like this dress because you can do so much with it and it could be worn all year long. Wear it as is for the warmer months, and add leggings/tights with a cardigan or jacket for the colder months. Of course there is always the option of adding a bright patterned scarf for a pop of color.




Guilt irregular T-Shirt

I put this on here because I think it is very interesting. If you click on the name of the shirt you can go to the website and look at the other picture of the model wearing it. It has a loose fitted look. I am not very confident that this would be very comfortable to wear but I do very much like the way it looks.




Enchanting Lace Pants

When I first saw these I envisioned myself wearing them with a warm over sized sweater snuggling up on the couch watching TV. They are cute, sexy and romantic all in one.



Polka Dots Tulle Dress

I have saved my favorite for last. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this dress! I am debating on whether or not I am going to get it. See I have a Katy Perry concert coming up here in good ol' Grand Rapids and if you have seen anything about her tour it is all candy themed. Now my first idea was to remake her candy dots dress from her "California Girls" music video, I LOVE that dress! And the candy dot shoes are awesome! But I am running out of time and I am really not sure how to do it and make it function. So I have been open minded about other candy like ideas. When I first saw this dress I loved it! Then after I drooled over it for a few minutes it hit me that it looks sort of like a wrapped candy, maybe add a bow around the waist, and it goes with Katy's Retro style that she is known for. I think it would be a good choice for the concert and I know that I would wear it after the concert to pretty much anything I could.

What do you think?

The sad part is that it is shipping out of Honk Kong and is estimated to take 1-3 weeks to get to me. I only have a week until the concert so it would not get to me in time. I have searched the Internet like a mad lady trying to find something that is similar to this amazing Polka Dot Dress but I have had NO luck! So if any of you by any chance know where can find something similar to this, from a store within the US that would be awesome!



Sending fashion love and weekend wishes,







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