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Vitamins make a difference.......

Thu, 06/23/2011 - 4:13PM by Sarah Rostar 0 Comments -

even if they are the same ones you took as a kid!

There is so much information on what vitamins you should take to get whatever results you are looking for. About two months ago I started to do some more research on what vitamins are good for what. For example; if you are looking to get some more energy and maintain your metabolism Vitamin B is good for that. As where Vitamin E is a great antioxidant that protects against cell damage. Vitamin A benefits vision, growth, and the reproduction of healthy skin. Then there is of course all the talk about how good Omega-3 fish oil is. After about an hour of research and a few websites later I was very much overwhelmed. There are so many guidelines on how much of what food you should eat to get a full serving of each vitamin, and then of course there is the recommended daily intake. Just thinking about all of the information I read that day makes me go crazy again. I know that vitamins are important and the good thing is that if one reevaluates their diet and eats one more fruit a day or gets a bowl of oatmeal in the morning then most of us are doing pretty good. But it is almost impossible to get every single one of our recommended vitamins in our diet without making it a full time job.

The light at the end of this very long tunnel is that there are multi-vitamins that are formulated for all sorts of different needs. So if you know that you are not getting enough of certain vitamins then you can choose a multi-vitamin that can fill in the gaps. However, this light can still be a little dim for some because standing in the vitamin aisle leaves you looking at a large number of multi-vitamins that are all seem to be labeled for certain things; such as memory, metabolism, hair and nails, women, women over 50, the list goes on. I found myself frustrated because what if I want to to boost the shine in my hair AND improve my memory? I felt like I was in a never ending battle with myself on choosing which vitamins to take. So after much deliberating and driving my husband crazy with my indecision I decided to go back to the vitamins I took as a kid. Good ol' Flintstones Complete chewable vitamins. There is no daunting label that tells me that I am going to be improving one specific thing, leaving me to worry about all the other things that I am 'missing'. It is the vitamin my mother trusted to give me, the vitamin that I took while I was pregnant (I took 2 instead of one, since prenatal vitamins made me sick, always check with your doctor first.) and they are the vitamins that I now give to my girls every morning. To them it's sort of like a morning dessert, although now that I am older they don't seem to taste as good as I remember. :) But the important thing and the lesson of this blog post is that sometimes the best thing is not the newest and greatest concoction, but something that has been around for years and trusted by many generations. My Flintstones Complete Vitamins may not be on list of the newest and greatest but I know that it will the job of filling in the blanks on any of the important vitamins that I might be missing. Besides if the improvement in my nails is not a sign of a successful vitamin decision I don't know what is.

Natural French Manicure

Nothing but a top coat on my nails!



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Note: Make sure you check with your doctor first before making any changes to your diet or vitamin intake. Your doctor will be able to give you the best choice in your vitamins.


I take a gummy multi vitamin for adults, the best part is that I remember to take it...probably cause it tastes good.



This is a great post, and came at a great time. I have a grocery trip planned for tomorrow, and I had been thinking about getting vitamins for various reasons. It's Flintstones for me tomorrow! Thank you!


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